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wanna write for our blog?

Submission Q&A available here.
individual articles
We'd LOVE to feature your thoughts and works on our blog anytime an idea of yours comes up and you're wondering where to have it published (note: this isn't a regular contributor gig).
From short think pieces on social issues that are important to you to in-depth essays on a movie you just watched, from current projects you're taking on to gushing (or groaning!) about sketches from your earlier years - you can pitch us a blog idea that you think would fit under any of the categories below! 
Pop culture | Creative works | Health | Friendship | Self-care | Politics | Love & Relationships | School life | Music | Film
Word limit is 1,500 - 6,000 words.
Do you have a creative pal or a particular youth-led organisation with a great mission that you'd like to interview for us? Let us know and pitch us an email!
Word limit is 1,500 - 6,000 words. 

final notes before you submit...


By pitching to us, you are permitting us to:


  • Publish your work in our blog with full credit.

  • Repost your work on our social media (Instagram and Twitter) for promotional purposes with full credit.

  • Edit for any spelling and grammatical errors, as well as ensuring that the piece is within selected style guides.

We are not permitted to:

  • Claim the work as our own.

  • Improperly credit you in our blog or social media.

  • Alter or edit the pieces to such an extent that it completely changes its writing. 

Skin Magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any pitch sent to us with a sound basis.

Email pitch word limit: 150-200 words
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