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Submission Q&A

Is this a paid opportunity?

As we don't make any profits from this magazine and blog, we are currently not able to pay any blog writers or issue submitters. All of the submissions and work put into Skin Magazine are completely voluntary, and we're always grateful for the love and support that everyone shows to this little magazine!

Is there a regular writing contribution position?

To become a regular writer for our blog, please head to our Join Our Team page. One time submissions are always welcome!

What if I'm not good at writing pitches?

That's okay! We won't judge you solely on your pitch email, but we do encourage for you to practice writing pitches if you have aspirations to become a freelance writer! Here is a nice how-to guide for writing pitches if you'd like to read through. Sending the first paragraph of your article or sending us an email with dot points on what your article entails and a short reasoning why you think it would be great for our audience to read would also suffice! Again, though, we really encourage writing pitches - we don't mind if you build your confidence and skills through us! 

Can I submit previously published pieces?

To ensure that we are not infringing any copyright laws by publishing previously published works ourselves, we ask that you please send unpublished works when submitting to our blog and/or magazine issues.

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