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All Skin Magazine issue submissions should be sent to our email.
Before submitting, please take a look at our Rules and follow our Guidelines below! 
Submission Q&A available here.

For Skin Magazine's third issue, we will cover the theme of UNITY.

When was the last time you felt like a part of something? Is unity to you something that you can experience on the individual level? What do you think we can do to become a more united world?


Acceptable submission forms: visual art, photography, poetry, essays, interviews, collages, and playlists.

Submissions limit: Up to three (3) submissions per submitter.

Please remember that we only allow unpublished and original content. We ask that all who wish to submit creatively challenge themselves! It's fun, it's satisfying and it's yours! 

Happy creating, loves <3.

- Artist statements: 300-500 words

- Additional writers’ commentaries: 200-350 words

Editorials/essays/non-fiction: 1,000-1,500 words

- Short story fiction: 800-1000 words

- Prose poetry: 100-500 words

- Poetry: 500 words/36 lines


checklist and



  • Follow Skin Magazine's official Instagram. There you'll see submission updates, current events and plans and more!


  • Create your submission/s! Let your mind, heart and soul go free and see where it takes you. Please make sure that your work/s are completely your own.


  • Send in your submission to our email. We accept submissions sent to our email: We do not accept submissions through Instagram DM or any other social media.


1.   Write an artist statement and title. Write a 300-500 word artist statement that explains your piece and what it means to you personally. This will allow our readers to know more about you as a creative and as a person.

2.   Include a mini bio, your pronouns and social media in your email. Write a 50-100 word mini bio detailing your pronouns, creative practice, which town/state/country you're based in and any other personal details that you'd like to add in (degree, extracurriculars, hobbies, etc.). This allows our audience to get to know you a little better and where to find more of your works!

3. Make sure to properly label your subject line. Please include the issue theme, your name/pen name and the type of work you are submitting. (E.g. SELF ESTEEM, Sophie K, Poetry.)

4.  Please make sure you submit any written pieces in a Google Docs. This will allow us to track editing history and discuss any relevant info and clarifications on your work/s. 

we do not take submissions that are not your own original content

final notes before you submit...


By submitting to us, you are permitting us to:


  • Publish your submitted pieces in our magazine issue with full credit.

  • Repost your submitted pieces on our social media (Instagram and Twitter) for promotional purposes with full credit.

  • Edit written pieces for any spelling and grammatical errors, as well as ensuring that the piece is within selected style guides.

We are not permitted to:

  • Claim the submitted pieces as our own.

  • Improperly credit you in our magazine issue or social media.

  • Alter or edit the pieces to such an extent that it completely changes its visuals or writing. 

You may start your email by "Dear Editors". 

Skin Magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any piece submitted to us with a sound basis.

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