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editor in chief

Sophie Kierulf (she/her) is a Filipinx traditional artist and writer living in Australia. Her written works focus on her Filipinx identity, empowerment and mental health. Her visual works explore colour and the mythological-like magic that inherently surrounds people. She has recently taken an interest in exploring Filipino superstitions and folklore and how they could be depicted in a modern lens.


She is currently working on two chapbook projects she hopes to have published this year in 2021. When she’s not being a hermit behind her laptop, you’ll find her by a karaoke machine or doodling some sketches.

creative team


head graphic designer

Nicole Cadelina (she/her) is a Filipino-Australian artist, writer, and freelance designer based in Western Sydney (Darug). A final-year Bachelor of the Fine Arts/Arts Undergrad (and soon-to-be Film Studies Honours), she writes for The Western, an online platform that champions and celebrates Western Sydney creatives, and businesses. Outside her editorial work, Nicole is currently managing several screenwriting projects, including FRESHIE, a short comedy-drama completed as a part of her six-day Varuna Fellowship. As an artist, Nicole works across installation, performance, sculpture, and readymades to reflect her diaspora Filipino experiences, and the complexities of living between Western and Eastern values. Nicole's other achievements include the Blacktown Arts Residency Program in 2018, and UNSW Art and Design Dean's list in 2017.

Nicole's influences include Marikit Santiago, Brian Duata, Homi Bhaba, Lav Diaz, Gertrude Stein, Gilles Deleuze, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She will never grow sick of Talking Heads. 

Instagram: @ni.muy



Andreana Salutal (she/her) is a Graphic Designer by day and illustrator by night. She is based in sunny Manila, Philippines. Instant noodles, spending too much time on YouTube and learning new things are some of the things she enjoys.

Instagram: @andreanasalutal

editorial team



Resham Singhania (she/her) is a student of Dentistry in Bangalore. She enjoys writing fiction, non fiction, poetry, short stories and hopes to get her own novel published someday. She enjoys slam poetry and has an Instagram page dedicated to writing.


A couple of her poems are soon to be featured in an anthology, and she also works as a content writer for an online magazine. When not at her desk, she can be found binge watching Grey's Anatomy and relishing multiple cuisines at a time.

Instagram: @ripplebyresham



Noreen Ocampo (she/her) is a Filipina American writer and poet based in metro-Atlanta. She studies English and film at Emory University and is also a book reviewer for COUNTERCLOCK and a regular contributor for Marías at Sampaguitas. In addition to writing, she enjoys singing in her room and playing Animal Crossing.  

Instagram: @noreen.ocampo

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Paulina (she/her) is a communications specialist and freelance graphic and web designer who is a copy editor for Skin Magazine. She also runs a directory that features BIPOC-owned businesses on and is passionate about using creativity for good. If she’s not busy dreaming up a brand design, you can catch her pondering what skill to learn next, in a dance class, or bullet journaling. Paulina is also growing more and more enthusiastic about encouraging transparency in the creative world and hopes to find ways to be a stronger advocate in the near future.

Instagram: @laro.pau

regular writers



Tembi Tlhabane (she/her) is a 21-year-old South African/Australian writer with a particular interest in politics and social justice. She has hopes to become a political journalist after she completes her Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) at RMIT.

Instagram: @t.embi



Jenaba (she/her) is an 18 year old poet and author. At the age of 16 she self-published her debut poetry book The Girl He Left Behind and runs an online poetry account and an online community Black Roots help to educate people on racism and discrimination and continuing the conversation.


She wishes to attend Uni to do a bachelor degree in Communication next year and has the dream to publish more poetry books and even novels. The image [Malcom X and Muhammad Ali] describes her love for black history and basically her in a nutshell. 

Instagram: @poeticallyjenaba

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